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Microsoft E-Learning needs to get its E-Act together.
Published on January 5, 2011 By Shalkto In Pure Technology

Microsoft LearningSo i figure it's time to look at getting some certification now that I have a steady job and some cash rolling in. After 15 years as a developer I wouldn't mind having a piece of paper to back up my credentials. Although I've always managed to secure some emplyment without the paper I know for a fact it would have helped me in one or two candidate selection processes.

So I'm looking through Microsoft Learning's site since I'm primarily a Visual Basic developer, having used jsut about every variant of basic from my Apple IIe to Visual Studio 2010, and so that is where I am focusing my efforts. So i looked through the Microsoft Learning site looking at the MCPD certification as my target and it seems pretty straight forward, however when I go to the prerequisite certifications which include exams 70-515,70-513, and 70-516 the only preperation materials they have are classroom trianing. I don't live in a major center i'm 8 hours from Edmonton, AB and 9 hours drive from Vancouver, BC. Those are the 2 closest training centers. Talk about frustrating.

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